The Macchi C-200 is a plane appearing in Gunship Battle: Second War.

Overview Edit

The Macchi C-200 "Saetta" is a single engined fighter plane that was used by the fascist Italian air force in World War II. It was said to have excellent maneuverability in World War II, Its air-cooled motor allowed it to have excellent air-to-air combat capabilities, and air-to-ground capabilities.

Weapons Edit

The C-200 has a potentially fearsome arsenal, consisting of air-to-air missiles and a 500lb bomb, with a fast firing 12.7mm machine gun that can be modified to fire explosive .50 caliber rounds that can supposedly leave a perforated line on enemy planes. The default missiles are designed for air to ground purposes, but the secondary missiles are designed for air-to-air purposes, they can be used on ground targets as well. The weapons vary in cost when upgraded, and when purchased.

Equipment Edit

The C-200 is equipped with a radar, a booster, and a weapons reloading system timing decrease. The equipment's cost to upgrade varies in cost.

Performance Edit

The C-200 is possibly the best plane in its tier. It has a phenomenal turn rate, the highest top speed in its tier, and a fearsome arsenal of weapons. When the radar has been upgraded to the maximum, the missiles can fly a very long distance and hit their target.