The Corsair is a World War II and Korean War fighter aircraft appearing in the original Gunship Battle, and Gunship Battle: Second War.

Armament Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

It can be armed with torpedoes, automatically firing rockets that fire when the machine gun is fired, harpoon multi-use missiles, hellfire missiles, and a special missile that separates into more missiles, most fans would argue that this plane is highly unrealistic, but this plane is in fact modelled after the F-4U that saw active duty in the Korean war.

Second WarEdit

The Corsair retains its armaments from the original gunship battle. It has only guided missiles and a torpedo, and it includes six fifty caliber machine guns.

Equipment Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Corsair can be equipped with a radar, a booster, and three different weapons reload system timing decreases. All of the equipment varies in price, it is also said that this aircraft has the best equipment in its tier.

Second War Edit

The Corsair's equpment can be upgraded all the way to level twenty, it can be modified to have quicker weapons reload systems, a stronger booster, and a better radar.

Performance Edit


The Corsair in second war.

Gunship Battle Edit

The Corsair's weaponry is much stronger than the other Tier 2 aircraft's weaponry. It's equipment when fully upgraded also helps. It also has better health, a higher top speed, and a quicker turn rate than all of the other tier 2 aircraft.

Second War Edit

The Corsair retains some of its traits from the original gunship battle, except its weaponry is much stronger and it is a lot more durable than it was in the original gunship battle.