The Devastator is a Torpedo/Dive-Bomber appearing in Gunship Battle: Second War.

Overview Edit

The Devastator is a torpedo bomber that was used by the United States Navy that entered service in 1937. Unlike its German counterpart, the Junkers Ju-87, the Devastator doesn't have a Jericho Trumpet which was the siren noise the Ju-87 made when entering a dive. Despite it was regarded as a piece of junk during its days, it is a highly collectible plane these days.

Armament Edit

The Devastator is armed with only unguided weapons. It is armed with a basic 7.62mm Browning machine gun, but the gun can be upgraded to fire explosive rounds, and the explosive rounds do much more damage. Its rocket pods can have a maximum of 107 rockets, and it has a 500 pound Mark 82 bomb that can be swapped out for a Mark 13 torpedo. These weapons can be upgraded all the way to level 20, and increase in price.

Equipment Edit

The plane can be equipped with all three of the pieces of equipment, a radar, a booster, and a weapons reload system timing decrease. The equipment can be upgraded all the way up to level 20.

Performance Edit

Weapons wise, the Devastator's gun performs averagely when it's the stock non-explosive version. When it fires the explosive rounds, it can decimate almost anything within three seconds. It has a top speed comparable to the fighter of the tier, also known as the Hurricane.