The Mustang is a World War II fighter plane appearing in the original Gunship Battle and Gunship Battle: Second War.

Armament Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Mustang comes with six rapid firing Mk. II M230 chain guns installed into the wings, the bullets fired can either be default or high explosive. It also comes with JAGM-X and HJ-10 Air-to-Ground missiles, but it also comes with Side Winder and Alamo Air-to-Air missiles, and puncher unguided bombs. It has an impressive armament, but a scarce amount of ammunition.

Second War Edit

The Mustang comes with bombs, unguided rockets, six machine guns, and guided missiles. It is said to have some of the best weapons in the game.

Equipment Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Mustang comes with a mounted radar, but the booster and the weapon reload timing systems must be bought separately for varying amounts of gold. A thing to note about the boosters is that the flames come out of the exhaust pipes on the side of the plane.

Second War Edit

The Mustang can be equipped with the typical equipment; a radar, a booster, and a weapons reload system timing decrease. Every five upgrades, the equipment gets more and more expensive

Performance Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

Despite being fitted with a "High performance jet engine" The Mustang is severely lacking in top speed compared to most other tier 7 gunships, it is only faster than the two helicopters in tier 7. It's turn rate is the same as any other tier seven plane, which is in the 60's range. It has no flares, so missions that have a lot of missiles being launched at you are not recommended to be done in this gunship. It can do a loop, which is something not a lot of the other gunships in its tier can do, but timing it in the event a where a missile is about to hit the gunship is extremely hard to dodge the missile.

Second War Mustang

The Mustang in Second War

Second War Edit

The Mustang is said to be the best aircraft in Second War at the moment, with its superior armament, its great equipment and phenomenal top speed and turn rate, it's definitely a feared aircraft.

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