The Super Huey is a helicopter appearing in Gunship Battle and Second War.

Armaments Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Super Huey comes with double the weapons the default Huey has, it can be armed with four rocket pods, or four bombs, two rocket pods and two bombs. The bombs that can be equipped are either standard bombs, or napalm bombs. Its gun fires 12mm rounds.

Second War Edit

In Second War, the Super Huey, now renamed Heavy Huey is armed just like the default Huey, it has an M240 7.62mm machine gun, 2.75 inch unguided rockets, and guided air to ground missiles.

Equipment Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Super Huey can only be equipped with a weak booster, and a reload system timing decrease. The booster gives a miniscule speed boost, and the reload system only decrease the gun and rockets' reload time by 150%.

Second War Edit

The Super Huey's equipment can now be upgraded up to level 20. It also now comes with a radar, due to its addition to the guided missiles it carries. It's booster and reload system timing decrease also can be upgraded to level 20.

Performance Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

Heavy Huey

The Super Huey, known as the Heavy Huey in Second War.

The Super Huey is a much better purchase than the default Huey. It has more weapons, and 1,800 more health points, The Super Huey is much more useful in the early missions, but past the final mission in episode 2, the Super Huey will fall short of expectations, and it will be recommended to purchase a tier 2 gunship, or if possible, a tier 3 gunship.

Second War Edit

The Super Huey, or Heavy Huey is an all out war machine, with its armament able to deal more damage to the enemies than the default Huey can. Its equipment performs better than the Default Huey, and it is an all out better choice to use in Second War on episode and episode 2 on easy difficulty.

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