The Puma is a combat modified transportation helicopter appearing in Gunship Battle

Armament Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Super Puma has four weapon slots, plus a 30 mm machine gun. It utilizes pod rockets, Maverick diving missiles, Side winders, Hellfires, GBU-28s, CBU-87s and a special missile called the IRIS-T. Its superior armament system makes it a deadly adversary in combat. It can be used in literally every mission.

Equipment Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Super Puma is equipped with flares by default, but the Radar, Booster, and Weapons Reload Timing Decrease must be purchased separately with the price of varying. The weapons reload timing decrease ranges from 330% to 500%. It has pretty much the same equipment any other gunship has.

Performance Edit

Gunship Battle Edit

The Super Puma has an above average turn rate for a helicopter of its size, and has an above average top speed, compared to earlier helicopters. With its superb armaments, and its high health amount of 34,000, it is definitely a force to be dealt with on the battlefield.