The Superfortress is a Bomber appearing in Gunship Battle.

Overview Edit

The B-29 "Superfortress" is a four-engined heavy bomber that served the United States Airforce from 1944 to 1960. It was one of the world's first "Super bombers" It was also one of the largest aircraft flown by the allies in World War II. It also was the first aircraft to drop the atomic bomb.

Weapons Edit

The Superfortress as expected comes with a multitude of bombs, such as conventional 500lb bombs, to napalm bombs, super bombs, torpedoes, and bunker busters. It's main gun is a 30mm autocannon that fires default 30mm rounds, high explosive rounds, and depleted uranium rounds. It also is equipped with two rapid-firing automatically turret machine guns on the roof, two turrets underneath the fuselage, and a tail gunner.

Equipment Edit

The plane can be equipped with a radar, a booster, and a weapons reloading system timing decrease. The equipment varies in price.

Performance Edit

The Superfortress has slow acceleration, and poor maneuverability, as it hulks through the sky. However, it has the highest health in its tier, but the worst turn rate and second worst top speed. Its gunners can destroy almost anything in a matter of seconds, possibly negating the need to spend ammunition in the earlier stages of the game. Its weapons can cause a lot of destruction, primarily the super bomb can cause massive destruction.