Not to be confused with Warhawk "15k", a variant of the Warhawk.

The Warhawk is a Fighter plane appearing in Gunship Battle: Second War.

Overview Edit

The P-40 "Warhawk"is a single engined fighter and ground attack aircraft designed by the Curtiss design bureau. It's also used by the Soviet Union and the British Armed forces under the name of either the "Kittyhawk" and the "Tomahawk."

Weapons Edit

The Warhawk only has the bare essentials, no guided missiles, only unguided rockets, a 12.7mm machine gun that can be modified to shoot uranium rounds, and a 500lb Mark 82 that can be swapped out for a napalm bomb. The weapons can be upgraded to be more powerful, but costs vary

Equipment Edit

The Warhawk is equipped with a radar, a booster, and a weapons system reload timing decrease. The price of upgrading the equipment varies, and gradually gets more and more expensive as you reach the max level.

Performance Edit

The Warhawk's weapons are terrible at first, but once everything is upgraded to the max, it can become a fearsome weapon, especially the napalm bomb. Its turn rate is better than the other Tier 2 fighters and bombers, but its top speed is only faster than the bombers in its tier.