The Warhawk 15k is a fighter and attacker appearing in Gunship Battle: Second War.

Overview Edit

The Warhawk 15k is an exclusive prize, celebrating Curtiss' 15,000th P-40 "Warhawk" being produced. It has better weapons systems, and has a different paint job than any other Warhawk.

Weapons Edit

The Warhawk "15k" comes with guided missiles instead of unguided rockets, and an explosive 12.7mm machine gun as default, which can be upgraded to fire armor penetrating bullets. It also has a bomb that can be upgraded to a napalm bomb.

Equipment Edit

The Warhawk "15k" can be equipped with a radar, a booster, and a weapons reload system timing decrease. The cost of upgrading equipment varies in cost.

Performance Edit

The Warhawk "15k" performs just like the average Warhawk. It has the same top speed, and turn rate, but it has more damaging weapons, and better missiles.

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